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  • happy endings + Costa Rica newsletter #2

    hey friends- quick changelog from us today instead of a Friday because1- we want to, we make the rules.2- we’re switching to WordPress so need to migrate this domain 🫡 Since launching The Thing, we’ve been busy building, learning, and connecting. We’ve dropped a few videos on YouTube Updates from us “founders Blog” Madisen is…

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  • Forming a business

    The sites we used/ decision making log Why we’re doing both (LLC and NPO) Random $ Facts Investment Considerations The Website Using Bizee. Total Costs: See below the process:

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  • Philosophies

    Madisen Values 👱‍♀️ What I value/ how i work- Renee Values👩‍🦰 What I value/ how i work- humility, transparency, willingness to test, openness Our Philosophy On Working

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