Forming a business

The sites we used/ decision making log

Why we’re doing both (LLC and NPO)


  • Interesting list of “social startups” that are YC-backed. A few to note:
    • “Edutainment” SaaS tool to help creators monetize and build communities (TagMango)
    • “Disposable social networks” (Fridge)

$ Facts

  • $36,000 raised by Jan. -3k / month for Renee salary + equipment / subscriptions
  • 5 months runway

Investment Considerations

  • M needs to get some basic equipment- 4k webcam, microphone, and Osmo (for events)
  • Paid social ads

The Website

  • To me, having a killer website is #1 priority. Enough to consider investing a large sum of the current budget into it to build an MVP, then continue to raise (to discuss whether it’s for the LLC, NPO, or both) to help build out this website into something bigger.

Using Bizee.

Total Costs:

  • Incorporate LLC: $538
  • Register NPO: $438
  • Total: $976

See below the process:

upload in progress, 0
upload in progress, 0

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