happy endings + Costa Rica newsletter #2

hey friends- quick changelog from us today instead of a Friday because
1- we want to, we make the rules.
2- we’re switching to WordPress so need to migrate this domain 🫡

Since launching The Thing, we’ve been busy building, learning, and connecting.

We’ve dropped a few videos on YouTube

Updates from us “founders Blog”

Madisen is in Costa Rica right now (she should not have had the tuna🍣), but even being super unwell didn’t stop her from covering the 50th anniversary of TCP/IP in a video.

Madisen is- deepening her yoga practice, avoiding tuna for life, building out community plans within SF @ the AI collective

Renee is – failing to learn front end @ the rate she’d like to, on a lifting journey, getting a passport & relying too much on the moon.

updates and changes


We’re officially an NPO!

^ we’re still getting set up with our tiered sponsorships but for donations- see here

-The site is moving to WordPress due to functionality.

-This week, we’re focused on some foundational partnerships, setting a call out for some advisors/mentors and getting some voluntary position JDs done.

-Madisen will be repping The Thing in DC @ Emerging Tech- Public Knowledge Friday June 14th, with @Alex Tarkowski of Open Future

– Madisen will be repping The Thing in SF for AICon/ MLops community folks 25th June

Image preview
Madisen with Adam De Delva

Upcoming posts of ours will be centered around
“community for community builders (what?!)
wtf is openai doing?
local ai- why it’s more important now than ever
protocol networks- why not everything is “crypto”

Run a community?

Are you in our slack group? Mike gave a great talk for open intereter- view here

weird of the week

another one

we’ll see you in two weeks!

stay curious,

Madisen + Renee

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