About our company

Madisen is the physical representation of this project, she’s your go-to for creating bespoke events, co-opetition strategy, experimental art projects, policy and ethics discourse, long form writing and more.

Renee is best at building the digital body of The Thing. she’s your go-to for organising podcast chats, connecting with the right teams, projects and tools, shorter form content, partnerships and brainstorming creative campaigns.

what is this “thing” you’re building?

we’re creating a space where the ai industry and everyday people can connect

think of it as a bridge between the tech world & human experience.

why are you doing this thing?

the ai world can feel intimidating and 

confusing. we want to break down those barriers and show the human side.
we believe everyone should be part of the 

conversation about ai, not just the experts.

how do you plan to make money?

so you’ve seen oceans eleven, right? jk….
right now, we’re focused on building a community and creating awesome 

content with our own hosted events down the road. we offer tiered sponsorships with key partners for community building, advisory services and immersive events.
Our NPO arm accepts donations for merch and production costs.

how do you operate?

through tears, fears and dreams, lol.
based off of the original Thing

we believe in open collaboration and building in public. 

we share our journey through our (over)communication via
our slack comms
founder’s blog
socials (mastodon, twitter, blueksy, threads, linkedin, tiktok)
the podcast/youtube

Though we overlap, we each have different special skillz.