The People

Hi! We’re Madisen and Renee, and we’re building The Thing.

We’re Madisen and Renee. ‘Outsiders’ who got lucky breaks getting an insider seat at the heart of the ML ecosystem. We’re the founders of the project, but certainly not the only ones building it.

Think of us as your guides, and your friends, and the awkward people who randomly say way too much.

Sometimes it’s relevant and enlightening, sometimes its absolute non-sensical garbage.

Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Meet Madisen

Co-Founder/ Vibe Curator

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Madisen has background in AI policy and human-centric design, coding education, and operations at the semi-famous open source AI startup 🤗.

Designated cool one.

Event curation, general vibery, creative content.

In person-person. ♓︎ . nomadic.

Madisen vibe (in memes)

Meet Renee

Co-Founder/ Human API

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Renee has background in content creation, growth strategies, and community building. Created her own roles in early-stage B2B SaaS and venture.

Renee words

Designated meme lord.

Digital marketing, dev advocacy, simplifying nerd talk.

Recovering agoraphobe. ♍︎ . digital librarian.

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