Ep 2- LLM Cost reduction and AI decentralisation with Alex Attalah

In this episode of the Unsupervised Learning podcast, host Renee speaks with AI pioneer and OpenRouter founder, Alex Attala, about using machine learning models in a cost-effective way.

They go into ways to reduce LLM costs, leveraging different models based on cost and stability. The conversation also covers the functionality of OpenRouter, which allows users to access multiple language models from one place. Alex discusses his hopes for decentralization and greater user control, which can be seen in his project, Window AI.

Stay tuned for the next episode featuring Rajiv Shah, a veteran in AI and data science.

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Where to find Alex




LLM video by AI Jason- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHxl5SchjPA&t=853s

Unsupervised Learning-




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0:00 Ep 2- LLM cost reduction

01:51 Alex Attala and His Contributions to Open Source AI

01:57 Understanding Open Router and Its Benefits

04:29 Exploring Window AI and Its Potential

05:50 The Birth of OpenRouter and Its Impact

06:14 The Future of Decentralization and AI

07:00 Making AI Models More Accessible

08:10 The Importance of Incentives in AI Protocols

08:32 The Evolution of GPUs and AI Models

09:32 Conclusion: The Power of Good Data

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