Ep 3- Offline Chatgpt? Home Automation and Santa Clones with Kyle Legare

Exploring B2B Automation and AI in Conversation with Kyle Legare

In this episode of (un)Supervised Learning, host Renee interviews Kyle Legare, an Account Executive in the B2B sector, on various topics from home automation to making tech more accessible. They also chat on LLM projects from coding to voice recognition, and how building a phone number for children to interact with a synthetic 'Santa' voice became a reality.

The two discuss the importance of offline AI operation, especially in home automation settings, and how platforms, like Jan.ai and LangChain, make the use of AI technology seamless for non-technical people. They also chat on how banking and finance are using AI. Lastly, the conversation ventures into the AI community in Vancouver, noting the diverse perspectives on AI's capabilities and potential.

Guest Links-


Mentioned- https://www.linkedin.com/in/reidtrobinson/


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pod @ unsupervisedlearning . co

Common links

Finetuning 30x faster- https://unsloth.ai/

Sponsored by Jan https://jan.ai/

Opensource AI agent – https://superagent.sh/

Langchain – https://python.langchain.com/docs/expression_language/cookbook/

Big list of local ai repos- https://www.unsupervisedlearning.co/p/os-local-ai-list

0:00 Unsupervised

00:23 Introduction and Initial Conversations

00:31 Exploring Practical Applications of LLMs

03:16 Discovering the Power of LLMs

05:17 The Intersection of Technical and Non-Technical Worlds

07:37 The Future of AI and Communication

20:43 The Art of Communication and Feedback

21:02 Language Models and Fine-Tuning

22:25 The Excitement and Challenges of AI Agents

24:48 Misconceptions and Realities of AI

29:27 The Impact of AI in the Banking and Finance Industry

38:35 Keeping Up with the Rapidly Evolving AI Space

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