Ep 7-$10M ARR with a “quirky, opensource product”? A Conversation with James Hawkins of PostHog

Product analytics is a weird, complex world. Posthog gives users (small and large) a way to dig into their user behaviour without vendor lock-in. Join me for a fascinating conversation with James Hawkins, co-founder of PostHog. We chat about

The Y Combinator journey…with shoes?
Why open-source? Strategy, spaghetti-slinging, luck and choices
Building with devs in mind- How PostHog shifted its focus.
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00:00 Intro
01:02 The Unsettled Debt 
01:40 Omg, Shoes  
03:14 The Evolution of Post Hog: From Idea to Open Source Analytics
06:47 The Genesis of Post Hog and Marketing Insights
08:36 Redefining Customer Retention and Product Development
12:17 Engineering Culture and Remote Work Dynamics at Post Hog
13:05 The Philosophy of Minimum Viable Understanding
16:17 Personal Reflections and the Craft of Invention
18:39 The Philosophy Behind Posthog's Product Strategy
18:45 Embracing Competition and Execution Over Concept
19:33 The Genesis of the Handbook: A Story of Trust and Transparency
20:12 Building Trust with Early Users Through Transparency
21:26 The Impact of the Handbook on Company Culture and Brand
22:07 Addressing Organizational Debt and Pay Transparency
23:38 The Unconventional Path
24:16 How Y Combinator Transformed Posthog
30:14 Navigating the Challenges of Building a Community

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