Ep 8-What is Applied AI? Are Engineers Artists? + more with Ritendra Datta

This episode of 'Unsupervised Learning' features an insightful conversation with Ritendra Datta, Head of Applied AI at Databricks, exploring the intersection of human behavior, technology innovation, and the creative process behind directing a movie and building a product.

Find the video version here : https://youtu.be/GdomL_dGssw?feature=shared

Datta discusses his career journey from Google to Facebook to Databricks and his involvement in external mentorship through Mentor Cruise. The dialogue delves into AI's influence on society, the differences between applied and generative AI, and the utility of AI in diverse applications like anomaly detection in industrial settings.

Datta also shares his thoughts on leadership, team building, the synergy between engineering and filmmaking, and the importance of bridging technological advancement with human-centric design and empathy. The conversation also touches upon his efforts to support independent cinema through mentoring revenue.

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