Ep 9-What’s LLM Bias, anyway? + do you know this ML term?

This episode of Unsupervised Learning gets nerdy with former data science bootcamp instructor turned Google ML engineer, Victor G ! We're unpacking everything from machine learning basics to the mind-bending ethics of AI.

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"Weapons of math destruction -Cathy O'Neill"



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Breaking Down AI Hype What are foundational models really?
How do those crazy things like GPT and BERT actually work?
Beyond the Lab How do we take machine learning models from the lab to real-world impact (that's where MLOps comes in).
The Ethics Question Can AI detect your emotions?
Should it?
We're getting into the tricky territory of bias and fairness in machine learning.
The Future is…Weird Where is this tech going?
We'll make some wild predictions and look back at how far we've come (remember the first smartphones?

00:00 Welcome to Unsupervised Learning: Diving into Open Source Tech
00:55 Exploring the Concept of Foundational Models in AI
03:44 BERT: Unpacking Its Mechanism and Impact
11:59 The Intricacies of Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)
15:08 Ethical Considerations in AI: From Emotion Detection to Biometrics
27:37 Exploring the Impact of Bias in AI and Machine Learning
29:20 The Challenge of Accessing Quality Research Behind Paywalls
30:24 The Intricacies of Machine Learning and Bias Mitigation
36:57 Future Predictions and the Evolution of Technology
44:31 Reflecting on the Past and Imagining the Future of Smartphones

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