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I’d never want to be a part of a club that would have me as a member

Groucho Marx

The Thing is a collaborative, open community inspired by a pioneering late 1980s BBS project of the same name.

What we’ve called ourselves/been called

Descriptor Words:

  • Non-profit media studio
  • Multimedia publisher
  • Virtual community center
  • Contextual media project in and of itself
  • International bulletin board service offering discussions on AI and its significance to modern evolution.
  • Emergent form of networked communications and media
  • An inclusive, ever-evolving collaboration with utopian undertones
  • Flexible, supportive container for developing, presenting, and distributing innovative forms of activism, education, and collaboration.
  • fostering a generation of network-oriented activist, artists, educators, critics, and curators, but also – and equally important – searching out ways to interconnect and coalesce their diverse interests and activities.
  • Creating a multidisciplinary inspiration and a collective experience
  • An interactive experience incomplete without your consumption and participation
  • We aim to serve as an inspiration for creation. It’s an invitation to challenge trends, think critically, start conversations, and make impact using any method of exploration.
  • Inspire impossible stories
  • A multiplayer knowledge management tool
  • a living, breathing network
  • a toolkit for assembling new worlds from the scraps of the old
  • collaborative social learning space
  • “social project” – a place to discuss AI and figure out what to do next during a recession, as well as a way to stay connected with friends.
    • main purpose was to facilitate discussion and experimentation within the art community, rather than just showcasing digital art.
  • a flexible and supportive venue for developing, presenting and distributing innovative forms of on-line activism, media art and cultural criticism concerned with exploring the possibilities of electronic networks.
  • fostering a generation of network-oriented activist, artists, critics, and curators and —n equally important – searching out ways to interconnect their diverse interests and activities.
  • open-content

So what are we actually doing?

  • Asking ourselves questions about the present and the future of AI, answering them individually and honestly, analyzing them together, and synthesizing that into one comprehensive idea. What is that idea?: AI is ______-
  • Make sense of technological development the way you make sense of art. You can go to a museum and be moved by one piece, utterly confused and frustrated by another. Ultimately, art is a relationship between the creator, the observer, and the work itself. Collectively, it’s meaning is co-created.
  • How do you tell a story? A beginning, middle, and end. Where did we start (take this to any scale- a person, a company, a society), where are we now, and where the hell are we going, or more importantly, where do we want to go? Let us help you realize your story.

Contributor/Volunteer Opps

Content alchemy- curation

If you can comfortable engage in good-faith debate, are a collector of links, don’t have utterly horrendous spelling (I know I do…)

we’re after a talented writer/editor/human bean to round up the links of interest we shove into the ether (slack, twitter, linkedin) about internet history, AI, machine learning, and their impact on society.

  • You’ll help us shape narratives that spark curiosity, educate our audience, and fuel discussions around the future of AI.
  • we’re specifically after help with curation, journalism and distilling.
  • we have too many thoughts and too many directions.

What We Offer

  • Collaborative & Open Environment-We believe in open communication and building together.
  • Long-Term Vision– While we’re currently volunteer/operate on an open contributor model, we aim to secure funding and transition roles to compensated positions.

Wanna help out?

If you’re able give even an hour a week, please reach out to us with a brief intro to you, what you would want to get involved in & anything else relevant!