Some updates.

We started this journey with the idea of being open and honest about our lives, both the good and the not-so-good.

We've been struggling to keep up with a regular posting/recording schedule.

Life has been...well, life.

Madisen's been adjusting to a new chapter after leaving Hugging Face, and Renée's been juggling work, family, and moving house (seriously, both of us-four times in a few months!).

We've also both been dealing with personal stuff, like separations, illness and divorce.

On top of that, we're learning as we go.

We’ve also had some missteps, like-

-creating content that wasn't what people expected (& that we had to not-release or take down.)

-spending more than we could afford on operating costs/subscriptions before we had an infrastructure for accepting payments

-being too process driven/ not testing enough in the wild

-shiny object syndrome

-fundamentally, we aren’t a SaaS, we don’t know our business model. We aren’t optimising for speed, nor growth, nor “adoption and scale”. So… our experience isn’t particularly relevant in navigating what to do next.

what’s not an issue -being remote -being in different countries -being bootstrapped -co-founder alignment

-commitment to working together long term, whatever that means

-the hours involved

what is an issue

-current tech recommender systems/algorithms forcing us to create “content” at a speed that isn’t sustainable for two humans who are trying to be long-termist. (**no time to work on meatier research if we’re pumping out tiktoks).

-**how we monetise/fund our efforts (whether donation based, consulting contracts or events partnerships)

****- a bit of analysis paralysis regarding what content to make. we know nothing much about our audience demographics.

We do know a little (thanks to Posthog for our analytics)

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 11.20.47 am.png

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 11.29.28 am.png

We’d chunked up our topics into

-internet history